Not only is dehydrating a time-honored way of preserving fresh food for storage, but it’s also a great way to make your own custom dehydrated backpacking meals! This gives you endless meal options while keeping the cost down and giving you full control over what goes into your meals.

Below you’ll find our library of backpacking dehydrator recipes. If you’re new to dehydrating, be sure to check out our detailed guide to dehydrating food, and our reviews of the best food dehydrators.

Dehydrated peaches in a bowl with a blue background

How to Dehydrate Peaches

Capture the fleeting flavor of summer by dehydrating peaches! Dehydrated peaches are great for storing seasonally harvested peaches for long-term storage or for easy snacking.
Paella in a backpacking pan

Dehydrated Seafood Paella

This dehydrated seafood paella is some serious next level gourmet backpacking food. Shrimp, crab , olives, capers, and veggies in a bed of golden saffron rice.
Ingredients for cowboy caviar in a container

Cold Soak Cowboy Caviar

This Cowboy Caviar is a dehydrated backpacking meal that can be rehydrated on trail without the need for a stove! Full of plant-based protein and flavored with a zippy dressing and spices, this is a perfect no-fuss lunch.
A blue bowl of sweet potato stew on a natural background

Backpacking Sweet Potato & Peanut Stew

Looking for a new DIY backpacking meal to make for your next hike? Try this West African-inspired Sweet Potato and Peanut Stew! This dehydrated backpacking meal is full of protein and flavor to fuel your adventure, AND it’s completely vegan (but you’d never guess it!) Click to get the full recipe and step-by-step instructions.
Five fruit rolls stacked

Apple Ginger Fruit Leather Recipe

This easy Fruit Leather Recipe is a great way to start making healthy snacks for your hikes, road trips, or lunches! Includes step by step instructions on how to make fruit leathers using a dehydrator OR in the oven
Dried tomatoes in a bowl

How to Dehydrate Tomatoes

Make the most of the summer harvest by dehydrating your own tomatoes! Summer is the high season for tomatoes. Obviously, you can find plenty of tomatoes all year round at…
Dried mango in a bowl

How to Make Dried Mango

Dried mango slices are such a great snack! In this step-by-step post we’ll show you everything you need to know to make your own dehydrated mango
Dehydrated pineapple in a dish

How to Dehydrate Pineapple

Enjoy all the bright, tropical flavor of pineapple without the mess! Dehydrated pineapple is a fun and portable snack that’s perfect for all types of outdoor adventures!  We absolutely love…
Dried spinach in a bowl

How to Dehydrate Spinach

Dehydrating spinach is a great way to preserve this powerhouse leafy green so you’ll always have it on hand in the pantry. Learn everything you need to know to dehydrate…
Dehydrated carrots in a small dish

How to Dehydrate Carrots

Learn everything you need to know about dehydrating carrots in this step by step post complete with storage tips and ideas on how to use dehydrated carrots in your meals.
Dehydrated sweet potatoes in a bowl

How to Dehydrate Sweet Potatoes

In this post, we’re sharing everything you need to know about dehydrating sweet potatoes! Dehydrated sweet potatoes are perfect for adding to backpacking meals or to have on hand in the pantry.
Different types of dehydrated beans spilled out over a blue background

How to Dehydrate Beans

Dehydrated beans are a lightweight source of plant-based protein that can be easily rehydrated in just a few minutes, making them ideal for pantry or backpacking meals.
Dried herbs in glass jars

How to Dry Herbs

There are so many great reasons to dehydrate your own fresh herbs: they taste better than store-bought dried herbs, can reduce food waste, and can save you a ton of…
Colorful dehydrated fruit and vegetables with fresh fruit around

The Ultimate Guide to Dehydrating Food

Everything you need to know to start dehydrating your own backpacking meals: the benefits of dehydrating food, what ingredients dehydrate the best, proper food handling procedures, the best way to…
Colorful dehydrated bell peppers in a bowl

How to Dehydrate Bell Peppers

Dehydrated bell peppers are an unbelievably versatile staple to have in your pantry. Whether you’re a home cook, car camper, or backpacker, a jar of dehydrated peppers is an easy…
Dehydrated peas in a yellow bowl

How to Dehydrate Peas

Dehydrating peas is a great way to add some green to your backpacking or camping meals, or just to have in your pantry to throw into quick weeknight meals. All…
Dehydrated bananas on a plate

How to Dehydrate Bananas

Whether it’s for crunchy dehydrated banana chips or chewy dried banana leathers, there are so many great reasons to dehydrate your own bananas! While banana bread is the typical go-to…
Dehydrated celery in a jar

How to Dehydrate Celery

Celery is an often overlooked aromatic that brings a ton of depth and flavor to your soups, stews, and sauces. By making your own dehydrated celery, you will always have…
Sunlight streaming over a bowl of dehydrated zucchini chips

How to Dehydrate Zucchini

Dehydrating zucchini is a great way to store this seasonal squash, and spread the summer superabundance out over the whole year! In this post, we’ll share how to dehydrate zucchini chips, pieces, and shreds—as well as ideas for using them!
Dried apple chips in a bowl

How to Dehydrate Apples

With a soft chew and intense apple flavor, dried apple chips are a healthy and delicious snack that can be enjoyed year-round. Dehydrating apples is also a great way to store seasonally harvested apples for long-term storage. 

How to Dehydrate Mushrooms

Easy, step by step instructions to dry mushrooms. These dehydrated mushrooms are a great pantry staple and perfect for camping and backpacking too!
Dehydrated strawberries in a bowl

How to Dehydrate Strawberries

Dehydrated strawberries are incredibly easy to make and are a great way to capture the freshness of this early summer berry. Dried strawberries are easy to make, and in this post we cover everything, step-by-step!
Dehydrated kiwis in a jar on a orange surface with sliced kiwis in the backgorund

How to Dehydrate Kiwi

Dried kiwi has quickly become a favorite snack—they are like sweet & sour gummy candies, but natural! In this post, we’re sharing all our tips on dehydrating kiwi for snacking or for long-term storage.
Beef jerky stacked on a piece of parchment paper

Simple Beef Jerky Recipe

hiking, camping, and road-tripping. Learn how to make your own flavorful and tender beef jerky using either a dehydrator or an oven!
Megan holding a plastic container full of pasta salad. She's picking up a spoonful.

Cold Soaked Pasta Salad

This dehydrated pasta salad is chock full of veggies, protein, and FLAVOR, and can be rehydrated on the trail without the need for a stove!
Megan holding a blue bowl of dehydrated tortilla soup

Dehydrated Tortilla Soup

This dehydrated Tortilla Soup is a flavorful, healthy, lightweight DIY backpacking meal! This is a dinner you’ll really look forward to on the trail.
Hand holding a pot with beef stroganoff

Dehydrated Beef Stroganoff

Now you can make your own backpacking Beef Stroganoff using a home dehydrator! Recreate the creamy, savory, and deeply satisfying flavor of one of the most iconic backpacking meals ever produced (for a fraction of the price!).
A backpacking pot filled with a burrito bowl backpacking meal

Backpacking Quinoa Burrito Bowl

A backpacker’s dream come true, this dehydrated quinoa burrito bowl features a diverse range of ingredients, flavors, and textures. Shake up your backpacking menu with this bright and flavorful recipe!
Megan holding a pot and using a spoon to scoop up chili mac.

Dehydrated Chili Mac

Combining savory ground beef & sauteed onions, spicy chili seasonings, and noodles, this hearty backpacking meal is perfect after a long day on the trail.
Megan dipping a cracker into a bowl of hummus

Dehydrated Roasted Pepper Hummus

This dehydrated hummus is an awesome NO COOK backpacking lunch. Just add water on the trail and it’s ready! Check out the full post where we give complete instructions on how to dehydrate hummus and pack it for your next backpacking trip.
Fruit leathers rolled up and stacked in a tupperware container.

Tropical Fruit Leathers

These tropical fruit leathers taste like a ray of sunshine. Made of strawberries, mango, and bananas, this is the perfect snack to lift your spirits on or off the trail!

How to Make Fruit Leathers

In this post, we’re showing you how to make fruit leathers using a dehydrator, plus recipes for three different flavors! Want to incorporate more fruits (and veggies) into your active…
Side view of teriyaki beef jerky stacked on a napkin.

Teriyaki Beef Jerky

This teriyaki beef jerky recipe is so easy to make and you will love the sweet & savory flavor combo! This homemade beef jerky is perfect for camping, road trips, and hikes.
Red lentil marinara and pasta in a backpacking pot with a blue spoon

Dehydrated Red Lentil Marinara

Saucy, hearty, and deeply satisfying, this backpacking red lentil marinara pasta is exactly what we want after a long day on the trail. The pasta brings the carbs, the red lentil sauce brings the protein, and the olive oil and cheese bring the fats. Time for a backcountry pasta party!
Mango Strawberry fruit leathers stacked in a container

Tie-Dye Mango Strawberry Fruit Leathers

A tropical kaleidoscope of flavor and color, these tie-dyed fruit leathers are our healthy-ish riff on the classic 90’s snack food. They’re a perfect grab-and-go snack for hiking, backpacking, and road trips.
Michael holding a backpacking pot filled with pasta

Dehydrated Backpacking Pasta Primavera

Fresh and filling, this dehydrated pasta primavera is not your typical backpacking fare. Loaded with zucchini, summer squash, and tomatoes, this meal offers that burst of vegetables that you’ve been craving after a few days on the trail.
A pot of risotto on a log

Dehydrated Risotto with Vegetables

This dehydrated risotto allows you to make delicious homemade risotto quickly and easily in the backcountry without using a lot of fuel. This is an easy and lightweight backpacking recipe to add to your menu!
Minestrone in a grey backpacking pot with a purple spoon

Dehydrated Minestrone Soup

Loaded with dehydrated veggies, white beans, and elbow pasta, this hearty Italian-inspired soup is a comforting and filling dehydrated backpacking meal.
A backpacking pot of chili and a spoon resting in the grass.

Quinoa Chili

Lightweight and protein-packed, this homemade dehydrated chili is vegan and gluten-free. Fresh Off the Grid contributors Kira & Brendon Hak of Adventure Haks share how to make one of their…
Lentil chili in a backpacking pot with two spoons

Red Lentil Chili

This dehydrated lentil chili is a warm and hearty backpacking meal that’s loaded with plant-based protein to keep you fueled on the trail. Cheap to make, quick to cook, and guaranteed to fill you up!