Ginger spices up a classic apple cider to make a perfect drink for sipping around the campfire. This is a perfect camping cocktail for cooler evenings!

Fresh Off the Grid was founded by Megan McDuffie and Michael van Vliet in 2015 as a cooking resource for outdoor enthusiasts.  

At the time, the couple were preparing to embark on a year-long road trip, but found themselves struggling to reconcile their love for cooking with a life outdoors. Most home recipes were too complicated to be made at a campsite, while most camping recipes were too unhealthy to eat for anything more than a few days. So they started documenting their attempts to make healthy, nutritious meals under the constraints of a camping environment.

Fresh Off the Grid now features an assortment of easy-to-prepare recipes, helpful how-to guides, a curated gear shop, and an abundance of outdoor inspiration. Whether you’re a car camper, backpacker, vanlifer, boater, or cabin dweller, Fresh Off the Grid is your place for discovering a better way to eat in the great outdoors.