5 Places to Fill Your Growler in Mammoth Lakes, CA

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Situated between the towering mountains of the Sierra Nevada and the high desert of the Owens Valley, Mammoth Lakes has access to an incredible range of outdoor recreation. It also has access to a number of exceptional craft breweries in the area. So if you’re planning on visiting, elevate your outdoor experience by pairing it with one of your favorite local brews.

We recently partnered with Visit Mammoth to explore some of the many summer activities in Mammoth Lakes area. And while we were there, we went on a mission to find all the places where we could fill up our insulated growler.

Whether hanging out around a campfire or taking watching a good sunset, we love pairing good beer with the great outdoors. We find drinking local beer also enhances our appreciation of a location. The unique flavors connect with the beautiful vistas that often create lasting memories for us. And when the beer and the views are as good as they are in Mammoth, it’s hard not to want to enjoy both at the same time.

Why an Insulated Growler?

There are a lot of advantages to using an insulated growler, especially if you’re planning on enjoying your beer out in the wild.

‣   A growler offers you greater selection than just what’s available in a six-pack. For example, Mammoth Brewing Company has over a dozen unique styles on tap, but not all of them are available in cans.

‣   Using an insulated growler means the beer will stay cold without needing ice or a cooler. Just throw it in your backpack, hit one of the many trails, and enjoy an ice-cold summit beer.

‣   Steel insulated growlers are more durable than a glass growlers. When you’re hanging out around the campfire or out on the trail, any potential for broken glass is just not worth it.

We’re currently using a HydroFlask 64 oz growler and have really enjoyed it so far.

June Lakes Brewing Growler Fill

Where to Fill Up in Mammoth Lakes

Depending on where you are, there are a couple of great locations to fill up your growler. If you’re coming from the north or the south, there are a few good spots to hit up on the way to Mammoth Lakes. Plus you’ve got some great options to choose from once you’re in town.

Mammoth Brewing Company Brewing award winning beer since 1995, Mammoth Brewing Company offers an impressive selection ranging from seasonal brews to their mainstay classics. They are located on St. Mary’s Road near The Village.  

Black Doubt Brewing  A relatively new player on the scene, Black Doubt is a 3.5 BBL nano brewery that’s located right in the center of town. While they don’t offer food on location, you can order next door at Delicious Kitchen and have your food brought over to you.

June Lake Brewing Located about 20 minutes up US-395, June Lake Brewing is one of the area’s best hidden gems. Tucked behind the shops on the main drag, June Lake Brewing has always been the most hopping part of town each time we’ve visited. While you’re there, you can order food to go from the Ohanas 395 food truck – we highly recommend the poke bowl, which pairs very well with a crisp IPA.

Mountain Rambler Brewery If you’re approaching Mammoth from the south, then you might want to stop in at Mountain Rambler Brewery in Bishop. This brewery/restaurant combo is a great place to stop in for lunch and take some of their beer to go.

Food Cache If beer isn’t your thing, then you can get a fill up of kombucha at Food Cache. Their selection rotates, but when we visited this summer they had two different varieties on tap.

Eastern Sierras Brewery Tours Want to hit a few of these breweries at once? Eastern Sierras Brewery Tours offer full service tours of Mammoth Brewing Company, Black Doubt, and June Lake Brewing. We’re hoping to jump on one of their tours if we make it back to Mammoth Lakes this fall.

Great Places to Take a Growler in Mammoth Lakes

Now that you’ve got your growler filled up, here are a few ideas on where to take it.

Picnic at Convict Lake This crystal clear lake is a destination for photographers, hikers, and boaters, but it also makes a great place for a summer picnic.

Mammoth Lakes Campgrounds There are a ton of great camping options in the Mammoth Lakes area — all of which could be enhanced with some happy hour refreshments. Popular spots include Lake Mary, Mammoth Lakes Twin Lakes, and Pumice Flat. Make your reservations in advance on Recreation.gov

Sunset at Mono Lake Watching the sunset over the tufas of Mono Lake can be an extraordinary experience. Pull up a chair, pour yourself a drink, and enjoy the show.

This post was written in collaboration with Mammoth Lakes and Travel Mindset. While we were compensated for our time & travel, all stories, photos, and opinions are our own. Thanks for supporting the partnerships that allow Fresh Off the Grid to continue running!


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