38 Super Tasty Leftover Pulled Pork Recipes

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From sandwiches to stews to skillets, these leftover pulled pork recipes are a delicious way to use up your leftovers!

Pulled pork is one of our favorite things to make. Not only is it super easy to make pulled pork, but one recipe generally makes a huge amount. Which means leftovers. Delicious, tender, juicy leftovers!

We love that you can freeze pulled pork easily, too. Just portion it into freezer bags, label it, and freeze it for up to 6 months. Thaw it overnight in the fridge or ice chest, then you’re ready for one of these tasty recipes with pulled pork leftovers!

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Pulled pork leftovers are great to bring along camping, too. When you have leftover pulled pork in your cooler, you’re halfway to dinner. Serve it alongside one or two of these sides for pulled pork, and you’re good to go!

Pulled pork sliders.

BBQ Pulled Pork Sliders

Whether you’re looking for the perfect game-day food or just needing to use up your leftovers, everyone will go crazy for these sliders! Juicy and tender pulled pork is tossed with tangy barbecue sauce and stuffed in soft slider rolls. Top with quickly pickled veggies for a cool counterpoint. 

A stack of chicken enchiladas adorned with red sauce and chopped green onions rests on a white plate, surrounded by a blurred backdrop of fresh herbs.
Photo credit: Well Plated

Pulled Pork Quesadillas

With juicy pulled pork, black beans, diced green chiles, onion, and a generous amount of cheese, these quesadillas are a great way to use up leftover pulled pork! Just 15 minutes for a super easy lunch or dinner. 

A pizza, topped with corn, caramelized onions, pink pickled onions, barbecue sauce and basil leaves rests on a textured countertop next to a dish of crumbled cheese and pickled onions.
Photo credit: How Sweet Eats

BBQ Pulled Pork Pizza

Pulled pork joins up with barbecue sauce and crisp corn in this pulled pork pizza that’s the perfect use for leftovers! With provolone, white cheddar, and Parmesan, plus pickled onions and fresh herbs on top, this pizza is a winner!

A plate with scrambled eggs and shredded meat sits garnished with diced tomatoes and fresh herbs, accompanied by a side of salsa and grated cheese, on a patterned blue-and-white tablecloth.
Photo credit: The Pioneer Woman

Pulled Pork Migas

Pulled pork for breakfast? Heck yes! Scrambled eggs mixed with tortilla strips and pico de gallo, and then served up with pulled pork, make an incredible leftover idea.

A hand holds a barbecue pulled pork sandwich with crispy onions and coleslaw nestled in a golden bun.
Photo credit: Carlsbad Cravings

Pulled Pork Sandwiches

This might just be the ultimate pulled pork sandwich! Tender BBQ pulled pork served up on hamburger buns, then topped with fried onion rings and homemade coleslaw. These sandwiches are an epic use for leftover pulled pork! 

Three soft shell tacos, loaded with shredded meat, diced mango, red peppers, and cilantro, accompanied by a lime wedge on a white plate.
Photo credit: The Wooden Skillet

Pulled Pork Tacos

When you’re wondering what to do with leftover pulled pork, these tacos are the answer. Flavorful pulled pork is served up on soft tortillas and topped with guacamole, limes, cilantro, salsa, and cheese. So easy and delicious! 

A halved burrito, stuffed with beef, beans, and vegetables, sits on a metal tray in frame's foreground while additional burritos and a chip bowl occupy the background.
Photo credit: Smoked Meat Sunday

Pulled Pork Burritos

Pulled pork leftovers are perfect in burritos! With shredded cheese, black beans, pico de gallo, and pulled pork inside a large flour tortilla and then pan-fried until warm and steaming, these burritos are so good!

Enchiladas in a dutch oven on a table

Dutch Oven Enchiladas

This versatile enchilada recipe is an excellent use for pulled pork! Add it to the filling along with the black beans, then bake until bubbling. Serve with sliced jalapenos, cilantro, and a squeeze of lime. 

A skillet holds colorful sweet potato hash, shredded meat, sunny-side-up eggs on top, and is sprinkled with chopped herbs.
Photo credit: 2 Teaspoons

Pulled Pork Hash

For a protein-packed breakfast, this pulled pork hash has you covered! Leftover pulled pork and sweet potatoes are sauteed until warm and tender, then eggs are cracked into the mix and cooked to your liking. Serve with cilantro and hot sauce for a hearty and easy way to start your day. 

Close-up image displays a breakfast burrito sliced in half, revealing interiors of scrambled eggs, sausage, and spinach wrapped in a grilled tortilla.
Photo credit: The Chunky Chef

Pulled Pork Breakfast Burritos

Even if you can’t eat them now, these breakfast burritos are a great use for leftover pulled pork! Assemble the burritos, adding pulled pork instead of–or in addition to–the sausage, then freeze them for later. Or enjoy the cheesy pulled pork goodness now! Either way, you’ll be so glad you used up your pulled pork leftovers in the most delicious way! 

A baked macaroni and cheese dish in a white casserole has a golden-brown cheese crust, accompanied by a wooden spoon.
Photo credit: Sweet Tea & Thyme

Pulled Pork Mac & Cheese

This mac and cheese is what you get when you merge two glorious comfort foods into one! Leftover pulled pork and tangy barbecue sauce amp up the creamy classic for the ultimate mac and cheese! 

A grilled cheese sandwich, cut diagonally with oozing melted cheese, rests on a napkin alongside crispy onion rings.
Photo credit: The Cookie Rookie

Pulled Pork Grilled Cheese

It doesn’t get much better than grilled cheese … unless you add pulled pork to the situation! These incredible grilled cheese sandwiches are made with American cheese and tangy BBQ pulled pork in buttery slices of bread. The french fried onion straws take it over the top! 

A baked potato in a small aluminum tray is garnished with shredded cheese, bacon bits, sour cream, and green onions.

Pulled Pork Loaded Baked Potatoes

Loaded up with all the fixings, like cheddar cheese, mac and cheese, sour cream, and–of course–leftover pulled pork!–these baked potatoes are an easy yet epic meal. 

Cuban sandwiches are displayed on a wire rack, encircled by pickles, mustard, sliced meats, cheese and seasoning.
Photo credit: Jonathan Melendez

Cuban Sandwich Quesadillas

With pulled pork, ham, Swiss cheese, mustard, and sweet pickle chips, these quesadillas bring the Cuban sandwich vibes! Tuck the ingredients inside a large flour tortilla and grill until golden and melty for the ultimate pulled pork leftover idea. 

Dutch oven chili and cornbread in a bowl

Chili & Cornbread

Hearty Dutch oven chili is even better when you add leftover pulled pork to the mix! Top it with cornbread batter and bake it all together for an incredible pulled pork-chili meal.  

A bowl holds baked bell peppers filled with cheese and herbs, their vibrant colors topped with melted cheese and chopped parsley, all set on a white rustic table.
Photo credit: How Sweet Eats

Pulled Pork Stuffed Peppers

Halved sweet bell peppers are filled with leftover pulled pork in a creamy tomato sauce and topped with mozzarella then baked for a main dish that is perfect for using up leftover pulled pork! You can add the filling to mini bell peppers for cute and hearty little appetizers, too. 

A tray exhibits loaded nachos adorned with shredded meat, melted cheese, jalapeños, diced tomatoes, and red onions on a light background.
Photo credit: The Speckled Palate

BBQ Nachos

Piled high with pulled pork and pickled jalapenos, these BBQ nachos are a delicious way to use up leftover pulled pork. Pass the spicy salsa and sour cream! 

A close-up view of a Cuban sandwich with pulled pork, melted cheese, pickles and sesame seeds on the bun.
Photo credit: The Chunky Chef

Cuban Sliders

Cuban sandwiches, but make them bite-size! Soft Hawaiian rolls topped with everything bagel seasoning are stuffed with pulled pork, deli ham, Swiss cheese, and dill pickles for an easy appetizer that uses up your leftover pulled pork and tastes delicious doing it! 

Two bowls are filled with ramen, eggs, mushrooms, cucumbers, green onions and red sauce; alongside these rest a heap of cucumber slices and a separate bowl of broth.
Photo credit: How Sweet Eats

Pulled Pork Ramen

Ramen is all about the toppings, so why not add pulled pork to the mix? It’s perfect! This version is full of goodies–scallions, soft eggs, cucumber, and spicy chili garlic paste. Comforting and delicious! 

A colorful skillet contains a mixture of fried rice, green peas, diced carrots, eggs, and chunks of meat with a wooden spoon.
Photo credit: Well Plated

Pulled Pork Fried Rice

This easy fried rice recipe uses pork tenderloin, but it’s super easy (and convenient!) to swap in leftover pulled pork. Make it spicy by adding a squirt of Sriracha sauce! 

A plate, holding pulled pork, avocado slices, radishes, and sour cream atop mashed potatoes, sits on a blue wooden table surrounded by small bowls of ingredients.
Photo credit: Jonathan Melendez

Pulled Pork and Grits

With cheesy grits topped with pulled pork, this is one of those recipes for leftover pulled pork that is super easy! Top with sour cream, crunchy radish, creamy avocado, cheese, and fried onions. 

A folded omelet with red peppers on a white plate, next to a salad, eggs, and a glass of orange juice on a wooden table.
Photo credit: The Worktop

Pulled Pork Omelette

Fluffy eggs stuffed with leftover pulled pork and veggies make an incredible breakfast! It’s packed with protein and super hearty. 

A plate of potato skins is garnished with melted cheese, bacon bits, a dollop of sour cream, and chopped parsley on a textured gray surface.
Photo credit: Garlic and Zest

Pulled Pork Stuffed Potato Skins

This leftover pulled pork recipe is the ultimate game day food! Crispy potato skins piled high with pulled pork, drizzled with BBQ sauce, and topped with melted cheddar. Don’t forget the dollop of sour cream! 

A skillet houses colorful mixed bean chili, accented with melted cheese and fresh cilantro, resting on a dark blue cloth background.
Photo credit: Cooking With Carlee

One Pan BBQ Pulled Pork and Rice Skillet

Saute some veggies, add pulled pork along with some rice and water, and cook until the rice is plump and tender. Stir in BBQ sauce, corn, and black beans and top with cheese … and dinner is made! This one-pan recipe is easy and delicious! 

A bowl contains chili made of kidney beans, diced tomatoes, shredded chicken, topped with avocado slices and sour cream, accompanied by lime wedges.
Photo credit: Southern Living

Southwest Pulled Pork Stew

With only six ingredients, this pulled pork stew is so easy! Salsa verde, diced tomatoes, black beans, broth, pork, and a bit of cumin is all you need to make a satisfying southwest-inspired stew out of your leftover pulled pork. 

Three pulled pork tacos, garnished with pineapple, red onions, and cabbage, are arranged on a parchment-lined surface.
Photo credit: Delish

Pulled Pork Tacos with Pineapple Slaw 

Pulled pork tossed in barbecue sauce then placed in soft corn tortillas and topped with veggies and fresh pineapple slaw–these tacos are sweet, salty, and the perfect way to eat pulled pork leftovers!

A large pizza topped with melted cheese, sausage, peppers, and onions is portioned into eight slices on a black tray.
Photo credit: Erica’s Recipes

Cuban Pizza

A pizza-Cuban sandwich mash-up? We’re on board! A beer pizza dough is topped with leftover pulled pork, a creamy mustard sauce, ham, sweet pickles, roasted bell pepper and onion, then smothered with Swiss and mozzarella cheeses and baked until golden and perfect. 

A visually appealing salad bowl is filled with mixed greens, sliced avocado, grilled corn, and pulled pork, all topped with a drizzle of red sauce, accompanied by a fork on the side.
Photo credit: The Wooden Skillet

Pulled Pork Salad

With crisp greens topped with corn, crisp bell pepper, avocado, and tangy pulled pork, this salad is an excellent way to use up pulled pork leftovers. 

A tray is filled with nachos, covered in melted cheese, adorned with jalapeños, pink pickled onions, cilantro and shredded lettuce.
Photo credit: How Sweet Eats

Pulled Pork Nachos with Pickle Slaw

The perfect answer to what to make with leftover pulled pork? A big platter of nachos! These cheesy pulled pork nachos are topped with a tangy pickle slaw for loads of flavor. 

A vibrant burrito bowl on a rustic wooden surface, containing pulled pork, sliced cherry tomatoes, corn kernels, creamy coleslaw and garnished with lime wedges.
Photo credit: The Creative Bite

Pulled Pork Bowls

Bowls are a great use for leftovers, and these pulled pork bowls are no exception! Tender pulled pork joins up with coleslaw, sweet corn, and juicy cherry tomatoes for an easy and satisfying way to eat leftover pulled pork. 

A sweet potato, baked and topped with shredded chicken, black beans, sour cream, and cilantro, is presented on a white plate accompanied by a silver fork.
Photo credit: Kevin is Cooking

Pulled Pork Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Fluffy baked sweet potatoes stuffed with pulled pork?! Yes! Especially when barbecue sauce is involved. Black beans, sour cream, and creamy avocado round out the flavors. 

Two halved grilled wrap sandwiches containing shredded meat and vegetables are situated on a wooden board, accompanied by a side of sauce and sprinkled with finely chopped vegetables.
Photo credit: Chisel & Fork

Pulled Pork Wraps

This simple wrap recipe is delicious and easy! Pulled pork leftovers are wrapped up in a tortilla with sweet onions, BBQ sauce, crunchy coleslaw, and sharp cheese. The best part is, they can be made in advance! 

Two vibrant bowls hold a pulled pork salad garnished with guacamole, sour cream, corn, tomatoes and mixed greens on a white surface beside a striped napkin.
Photo credit: Get Inspired Everyday

Burrito Bowls

With tangy cilantro lime rice topped with shredded pork, black beans, fajita veggies, cheese, and guacamole, these burrito bowls are an easy and delicious way to use up pulled pork. These bowls make a great lunch or dinner! 

A tray holds mini pizzas garnished with strands of melted cheese, bits of crispy bacon, caramelized onions, and sliced jalapeños.
Photo credit: Eat Move Make

BBQ Pulled Pork English Muffins

When you need a meal in under 20 minutes, these cheesy pulled pork English muffins are perfect! Layer pulled pork, BBQ sauce, cheese, bacon, and pickled jalapenos on English muffin halves and place under the broiler until toasted and melty. These make the perfect hearty snack or easy dinner! 

A plate displays a pulled pork taco garnished with shredded cabbage and sauce, alongside a side dish of extra sauce and a separate bowl filled with more pork in the background.
Photo credit: Midwexican

Pulled Pork Tostadas

Crunchy corn tortillas topped with tangy and tender shredded pork, coleslaw, and smoked gouda? Yes please! These tostadas only take 10 minutes to make and are a great way to make use of your leftovers! 

A pulled pork sandwich with melted cheese and pineapple on a sesame bun is seen close-up, accompanied by crinkle-cut fries in the background.
Photo credit: Tastes of Lizzy T

Hawaiian Pulled Pork Sliders

These pulled pork sliders are made by cutting an entire sheet of soft Hawaiian rolls in half horizontally, then piling up the bottom half with leftover shredded pork, pineapple chunks, and spicy pepper jack cheese. Add the top half of the rolls and bake until hot and melty. 

A vivid plate displays a sunny-side-up egg, shredded meat, black beans, sliced avocado, jalapeño garnished with fresh herbs and diced tomatoes against a white background.
Photo credit: Three Olives Branch

Pork Green Chilaquiles with Eggs

With tortilla chips tossed in green enchilada sauce and topped with black beans, pulled pork, and freshly cooked eggs, these Chilaquiles are a great use for leftover pulled pork! These chilaquiles make an excellent breakfast (or breakfast-for-dinner!)

A bowl filled with shredded meat, corn, and tomatoes sits next to slices of golden-brown cornbread on a speckled plate, with a pot in the background.
Photo credit: Chicken Fried Kitchen

Brunswick Stew

This Southern classic dish is the perfect home for leftover pulled pork! With onions, potatoes, tomatoes, lima beans, okra, BBQ sauce and shredded chicken too, this tangy and uniquely flavored stew makes a comforting stew that feeds a crowd. 

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