El Submarino: an Argentine take on hot chocolate

There is a little Moroccan coffee shop near our apartment in LA which we will occasionally walk down to after dinner. By that point, it is a little late in the day for coffee, so the barista there tipped us off to a great drink: El Submarino. It’s actually an Argentinian drink, not Moroccan, and it’s basically hot chocolate, reinvented and a little more grown up. El Submarino translated means “submarine,” which refers to the hunk of dark chocolate that you drop into a glass of steaming hot milk. The chocolate sinks to the bottom (like a little submarine), which you then stir around so the milk gets nice and chocolatey. Since this is a camping recipe blog, I’d venture to say that this drink would be great with a campfire-toasted marshmallow thrown in, as well!

You can use whatever milk you prefer for this drink. We use plain, unsweetened almond milk, but you can use sweetened almond milk, sweetened or unsweetened soy milk, regular milk – whatever you typically use. Because dark chocolate is not sweet on its own, you’ll want to use a bit of sugar if you’re using unsweetened milk.

Ingredients for el SubmarinoEl Submarino
El Submarino

El Submarino

  • 3 cups milk
  • 1 tablespoon sugar (if using unsweetened milk)
  • 2 squares dark chocolate ((roughly 1/2 oz each))
  1. Heat the milk in a pot over medium low heat. Once the milk is warm and just barely at a simmer, stir in the sugar if you’re including it. Once the sugar has dissolved into the milk, remove from heat. Split the milk between two mugs and place a square of dark chocolate into each mug. Stir until the chocolate has melted.


Coleman Classic Propane Stove
Enamelware pot
Wooden spoon
Measuring cups & spoons
Snow Peak Titanium mugs

If you make this chocolatey drink next time you’re camping, let us know! Leave us a comment below or follow us on Instagram @freshoffthegrid and tag your camp cooking photos #sporkandknife so we can check them out!

El Submarino: an Argentine take on hot chocolate

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