Work With Fresh Off the Grid

Fresh Off the Grid is an outdoor lifestyle resource for car campers, backpackers, and road trippers. We are an online destination for modern adventurers who want to connect with the great outdoors and eat well in the process!

By sharing camping recipes, travel guides, and how to articles, we aim to inspire, engage, and empower our audience. There are many blogs that showcase an inspirational lifestyle, but we provide the tools and information needed to make that lifestyle attainable.

Ways of Working With Us

CREATE – We specialize in creating aspirational outdoor content. Whether you’re looking for awe-inspiring photography, insightful copy, engaging video, or a combination of all three, Fresh Off the Grid is uniquely positioned to put together a comprehensive slate of creative content to fit your brand’s specific needs.

CONNECT – Working with Fresh Off the Grid gives you the opportunity to connect with our food and outdoor minded audience. We represent a community of doers and seekers; self-starter individuals who are actively looking to engage with the world around them and create new, meaningful experiences.

How can your company partner with Fresh Off the Grid?

CREATE: Freelance Creative Services

We offer a wide range of creative services that can be mixed and matched to fit your needs. This can be a powerful way to enhance your website, bolster your social feeds, and contextualize your brand.

  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Copywriting
  • Social Media Strategy & Content

Whether you’re looking for promotional lifestyle photography for your website, aspirational videos about your product or destination, compelling guest blog posts, or a monthly bank of imagery for your social media channels, we can tailor our services to meet your goals.

CONNECT: Sponsored Content on FOTG

Sponsoring a post on Fresh Off the Grid is a great way to organically integrate your product into our feed and connect with our audience across multiple platforms.

Not only do our sponsored posts appear on our website, but they receive full promotion across our social channels (including to our 55k+ Instagram followers).

CREATE + CONNECT: Comprehensive Campaigns

This multi-faceted approach offers you the greatest value and highest level of exposure. For a package like this, we would work together to develop a wide spectrum of content that’s designed to be shared with our audience as well as distributed across your channels. This is our preferred style of partnership as it allows us to tell the story of your brand from many different angles, giving the work we produce greater depth and dimension.

A Note About Our Partnerships

In order to give our full attention to our professional partnerships, we are unable to take on unpaid projects at this time. However, if you are serious about working with Fresh Off the Grid, we pride ourselves on our ability to find projects that work for any size budget. Let’s figure out a way to work together.

Per FTC regulations, all sponsored content will contain a disclosure.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s make something awesome together.

Email us at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to send you over our media kit.